Rapture Lifts and Carries Her Step Daughter

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Gia is trying to get ready to go out, but her stepmother has taken all of her clothes & replaced them with smaller sized ones. Gia confronts her stepmom Rapture, but Rapture just tells her that smaller is better. Gia says that she can’t wear smaller sized clothes because of her very muscular thighs, but Rapture just laughs & tells her that she doesn’t know anything about muscles. Rapture then gets up & tells Gia that she’ll show her what it means to have muscles. She gets up off the bed & picks Gia & in a fireman’s carry. She carried her around the room, even stopping to do some squats to further prove her strength. Rapture then flips Gia around into a cradle carry and continues to walk around the room with her. She puts Gia down & Gia then crawls onto Raptures back for a piggy back ride. Rapture walks around the room a bit more, then puts Gia back down. Next, Rapture lays on her back & tells Gia to get on top of her. She then bench presses Gia to prove her strength even further. Finally, since Gia has been a good sport, Rapture rewards her by giving her back her jeans.

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