Rapture Lifts Asia

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Amazon Rapture’s tiny roommate Asia has a confession to make. She’s always admired Rapture’s strength and ability to lift heavy objects. Being less than 100 lbs herself, Asia has always wondered the ways in which Rapture could lift her. Bored, and feeling frisky, she finally gains the courage to ask Rapture to do so. Always ready to prove her strength, Rapture begins one of the best lift & carry sessions we’ve seen to date. Rapture grabs Asia by her tiny ass cheeks, and easily hoists her into the air. Too easy for Rapture, she wraps her hands around Asia’s tiny waist, lifting her high in the air while carrying her around the room. Excited and turned on, Asia begs for more. Rapture happily obliges, picking and lifting her by her elbows, quickly followed by a bear hug carry around the room. As the two compare biceps, it is obvious Rapture’s are three times the size of her scrawny roommate’s. Determined to show Asia how powerful she really is, Rapture grabs her off of her feet, and begins a series of overhead presses. She lifts her repeatedly over her head, pausing ever so often with her arms fully extended above. Asia is beyond excitement and can only smile in ecstasy as Rapture ends their session with Asia in her massive arms in a cradle. An excellent clip, once again showing us the strength of the true muscle Goddesses that is Rapture.

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