Rapture Lifts & Carries Her Boy Toy

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Just when we think the true Muscular Goddess Rapture can’t get any stronger, she amazes us all. After extra time in the gym, her body is even more perfectly chiseled. She begins by treating us to a full body workout. We get to watch as her biceps, shoulders, pecs, and massive legs are all trained and brought to a full pump. Being as strong as she is, she runs out of weight thats any challenge for her. Using the most convenient thing in sight, she decides to use 205 pound Kris. Replacing him with her weights, she continues her workout. She curls him. Bearhugs him, Fireman carries and airplane spin him. And dare we say press him?? Any and every move she done on a puny girl, she does twice as well on a guy twice their weight. Strong. As. Fuck. Your Goddess Rapture.

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