Rapture’s Within Spitting Distance

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You’re a dirty little bitch. A dirty little bitch who deserves to lay at your Muscle Goddess’ feet and be spat on. Over and over again. Your face dripping with saliva from the Goddess you worship, you are humiliated and told what a worthless, pathetic, little man you are. You are shown what true power is. What rock hard muscles look like. Look at my massive tits bouncing up and down. Gaze in wonder at my huge ass & tight pussy as they hover above your puny body.Every time you think its over, you are once again spat on. They become more frequent; the humiliation more degrading. You’re a dirty little bitch on his back who made the mistake of trying to stand up and touch your Goddess. You’re now an dirty little spit bitch, rendered helpless after a solid right hook, laying in a pool of sweet Rapture saliva. Bitch.

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