Shutting Your Wife Up

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You’re wife is so fucking annoying. She’s always complaining about your crush on Goddess Rapture, and Rapture is tired of hearing about it. While you’re away on business, and the wife is home alone, Rapture sneaks into your bedroom closet. She attacks your wife when she enters, keeping her silent by wrapping her powerful hands over her mouth. Your wife struggles to scream & breath, and Rapture responds with her anaconda body scissors. She squeezes your wife as hard as she can, taunting her the whole time. Rapture throws her down on her back and begins to smother her with that humongous ass of hers. Your wife struggles as Rapture sits on her face until she’s learned her lesson. Pulling her up and back into a pair of scissors, she fondles your wife before giving her one last kiss goodbye.

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