You’re Going To Need A Lot of Work

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When the creep at the gym interrupts Goddess Rapture during her workout by trying to give her tips, Rapture tells him to fuck off. She makes him copy her workout and he is only able to lift a quarter of the weight she is.

Annoyed, Rapture intends to teach him a lesson. She makes him strip naked, then puts him on his knees. Rapture forces him to worship her size 9 feet as she laughs at how small his cock is. When he insists it’s not, Rapture sits him on the couch and bites his testicles. Hard. She then tries to bite the tip of his cock off. The creep cries in pain, but Rapture has one more lesson for him. She lubes his tiny cock up, stroking it until he is about to explode, then stops and tells him to fuck off.

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